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Event videography

Videos for event planners in Athens, Greece

I've been shooting & editing various events for 25 years. My skills and experience make me ready for any situation. Multi-camera shoots also is possible. 

I visited Barcelona, Madrid, Moscow, New York (a crew), Athens and others cities.

A conference, a various ceremonys or presentations - i’ll help you create video content that connects with your audience. You can share the news of the day, the variety of topics or speakers, the opportunities and more in an event highlights video. 

In Events Marketing, competition is high. Expertly-produced videos can showcase a great deal about your organisation. Successful videos are an essential part of a comms strategy that will make future events unmissable.

Are you staging a concert, awards ceremony an annual gala or a fundraising dinner? Don’t let those precious moments go by. A beautifully produced video will enable you to document your performance, share your work, and open up future opportunities.

If you want to get the most out of your content, you need to understand the goals.
How to Set Realistic Goals for Video Production read here.

Whether featuring the whole show or capturing highlights - video is a fantastic way of communicating the stories which you celebrate at the event.Memorable video content can inspiring to action and challenging opinions.

"Kay at work" makes attractive highlights films (or reportage) for a wide range of clients. A well-crafted video is the perfect communication tool to showcase what your event. You want to inspire debate or increase your online audience? My experience of event filming will give your events the lasting impact.

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