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Photo & video for hotels & villas in 4K!

The benefits of a hotel video

- Allows guests to see your hotel before booking

- Highly sharable via email and social media

- Useful for sales presentations and events

- Allows you to focus video content on specific areas of the hotel

- Improves your search engine positioning

- Gives authenticity and personality to your brand

- A great way to develop stories around your people

- Perfect content for social media

Read more about my and my experience!

The price depends on the size of the villa and its location + Transport costs + fpa.

Ask the price for you, send the letter to email (link below)

For discuss and exact price for video or photo please contact me

with whatsapp, email, phone or social networks below.

Real Estate Video and Aerial shots - a powerful tool to convince a potential buyer or visitor. Because they contain and provide a lot of information. The views from above help to be inspired by the environment. And videos from drones are becoming more and more popular! Actually, i make video only in modern resolution - 4K. This is great feature, you can use these video as background on your website!

People love video and the statistics back it up, 73% of people would choose an estate agent who actively use video to promote and boost real estate sales.


The last summer i had business trip (2 months) for shooting 18 hotels and villas!

They were very different. And I needed to take a picture of their food and rooms.

And it were worthy for what to be printed together it in journal for Russian government.

A bit examples of video work.

Some years i made video by luxury homes for big russian real estate agency

in Italy and Spain! U know in Russia very many rich people who wanna live in Europe!

The style of movies can be different. It all depends on the wishes (& budget) of the client.

Video for real estate and Hospitality will help drive traffic to your website. Its helps to differentiate you from your competitors, laden with SEO and optimised through ''sharing'' within social media. Video can help ‘up sell’ your product or services making them more tangible!

Cinematic videos for villas.

And my work for few big hotels in Russia!

Nice 2 meet u!

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