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Christening videography
in Greece

Celebrate the baptism of a new baby by creating a personalised cinematic baptism video!  

I make short films for Christening ceremony in Athens in modern style.

Christening-Baptising a child is one of the most beautiful moments for a family, thats why you want make this video very special and i know how do this.


Last work: Celine. Short family movie about baptism ceremony in Athens, Greece.

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My baptism videos are a great way to show your love for the new arrival. I pays attention to the details and to the atmosphere at your event as they are what make the difference. The possibilities for creating a video are many and this allows me to create unique creations for each client.


Videoclip of baptism in Church + 3 hours in restaurant:

Why highlights videos are better? You won't get tired of watching them. 

You can share them on Facebook or Instagram to pay tribute to the newly baptised child and send the video to your relatives. The video could also be played on TVs if you’re hosting a meal or a party every year in this day.

Videoclip of baptism in church + sweets:

Recent video:   Baptism videography in Patras

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