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Hotel & Villa Photographer
in Athens,  Greece

In my childhood i admiring the polished photos hotel catalogues. Now I am sure that hotel photography is perfect match to me. Sometimes, I visit international tourism exhibitions in order to keep abreast of actual trends. I rely on modern camera

and hdr technology. 

In Russia I worked as hotel photographer before my immigration to Greece.

For more than 5 years I inspire myself to get the best out of every property I am shooting.

I pay attention to detail, natural lighting, color, atmosphere.


I clearly see  various types: Place, Atmosphere, Food & People. 

Each type has its own  purpose.

All of them and can help promote your business in different ways.

Hospitality photography important for your businesses?

What kind of impression are you making with your customers? Does your media content encourage them to book (or to buy), or does it leave them second-guessing their initial impressions?


If you want to rise above the competition and become the go-to hotel for visitors in your town or city.


In attracting your target audience, your photo and video plays a crucial and undeniable role. People tend to pay more attention to visuals than just about anything else these days. I wrote about this point in my blog.

Per Hospitality Net, after price, photography (and a videography) is the most important factor for prospects scanning hotels sites. It plays a role of 70% in the decision to book with a particular villa or hotel.


Don’t kid yourself, your videos and photos do make a great difference. Here’s why you need high-quality media for your business. And i can do this job for an attractive price.

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