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Photographer in Athens

I believe i am more that just a Athens photographer.  My professional experience in video production give me a lot of ideas for still images. 

My love for photography and trendy style definitely makes my approach that is characterised by preciosity, minimalism and understanding of marketing.

Lifestyle photography, portraits, events, food & hospitality – these are the basic areas of my professional expertise.

If you are travelling to Athens, book your personal vacation photography session. We can discover hidden routes, gardens or walk through the city streets in the center. This is a great way to look at the city from a different perspective and learn new things.

Local Photographer in Athens, Greece

Athens sunsets are the best time to photograph the beautiful landmarks of the city or Athens Riviera. Hire me during golden hour and capture the magic of travel with a vacation photo shoot

Other way - go to the coast for beach private photoshoot at Athens Riviera.  

Tell me your idea and we are reveal the best points on the route you are interested in, and determine the opportunity to take creative photos.

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