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Who am I?

I finished University of Culture and the Arts as a director and producer tv programs and history of cinema teacher. 

With 25 years of working in the broadcast and filmmaking industry i filmed as the director | filmmaker more than 40 documentaries for various Russians TV channels.

Additionally I have prepared, edited and filmed numerous TV and web shows as journalist, director and video editor. It was fashion news, sport extreme, luxury lifestyle etc.


As cinematographer and filmmaker I made a lot of corporates movie and commercials for military companies,  government departments and luxury real estate.

Currently I am working in Athens as content creator. 

And to this day i do a lot of work as an stringer for various tv channel and productions.


You can hire me as independed video editor. I am availible not only in Athens.

I have costumers throughout the world. Such as New York, Barcelona, Moscow, Dubai. 


My logo fully reflects my style and the geography of my work. I travel the world and do my job to make you happy.


I made historical films and journalistic investigations. 

I was honored to filmed the Israel Defense Forces,

the Foreign Military French Legion and  story of the Spear of Destiny! 

11 years i was director of the 'SUNDAY TIMES' on CHANNEL ONE RUSSIA, where tell main news of the week. 


You can find more info about me in Google search on russian language.

A few years i worked as creative director in an advertising and production company.

But I found a "job in the field" more suitable for me.

Βιντεοσκοπήσεις Αθήνα.

More about my job u can find in BLOG

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