Videographer in Greece

I finished Krasnodar State University of Culture and the Arts as an director and organizer tv programs, and history of cinema teacher. With 23 years of working in the broadcast and filmmaking industry i filmed as the director more than 40 multiple genres documentaries  for various main Russians TV channels. These were military, historical films and journalistic investigations.

For example, I was honored to filmed the Israel Defense Forces, the Foreign Military French Legion and even shoot the story of the Spear of Destiny! 

In 2005-2016 i was director of the 'SUNDAY TIMES' on CHANNEL ONE RUSSIA. A program, where tell main news of the week. 

Additionally I have prepared, edited and filmed numerous TV and web shows as journalist, director and video editor. It was fashion news, sport extreme, luxury lifestyle etc.

I did a lot of corporates movie and commercials for military companys, government departments and luxury real estate.

You can find more info about me in Google search on russian language.


A few years i worked as creative director in an advertising and production center. And PR director in several night clubs.


Currently I am living in Athens and work as content creator for digital marketing. I make videos and photos for various social network, websites, exhibitions, promotional video, various corporate videos for company, hospitality media content, weddings in Greece. Βιντεοσκοπήσεις Αθήνα.

To this day i do a lot of work as an stringer for various Russian tv channel and as film editor for my costumers from Moscow, New York and Dubai.

Also i have youtube channel where i publish some dslr camera test, and Vlog for Russian people and travellers.


Based in Athens, available throughout the Greece

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