Video editor in Athens

I'm working as video editor in Greece and in Europe, USA and Russia as well. 

I edited dozens TV and web shows, event videos, promo for social media for persons, various stores, clothing brands, cars, luxury services, hospitality, music videos.  

What can i offer you?

Video editing commercial

Commercial from your raw for your social media. 

Editing in modern style, with mainstream transitions, sound design.

The price depends on duration and raw size.

Event highlights video edit

That’s what I do most of the time. Reports from Russian film week in New York, backstage photoshoots, business event etc.  The price depends on duration and raw size. You don't wish a very sophisticated editing as usual. 

Wedding film editing  & baptism highlights video

Wedding in Greece or not. I have a videographers from New York and Moscow who send to me raw for wedding or Baptism video editing

Reality TV or WEB show.  Documentary film editing

As I wrote, i made more than 40 multiple genres documentaries. A third of those i edited  myself. Like other dozen TV and web shows about cooking, fashion, modeling, theatre,

cinema industry, politics special reports and many many others themes.  

Budget music video and simple editing for your social media

I'm always happy to help various bloggers, creative and talented people.  The cost depends upon the list of necessary terms and shall be discussed individually with each Client.