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Goals for video production

Define Your Video Marketing Goals

If you want to get the most out of your content, you need to understand the goals. 


At first, lets to know what you want to achieve through event filming. 

Video report for sponsors?

To share the highlights of your event with those who couldn’t visit? 

Do you want sales?

To increase awareness within your industry?


We must to know how does this fit with your marketing tasks. Your event can be combined other video project. 

Who are we creating this Video For?

The videos will need to speak to customers or those who are unfamiliar with your work? Video must appeal to a peoples and we must to avoid using specific terms. 

What Is Your Event’s USP?


Famous speakers or awesome insights?

Networking, learning or cultural experiences?

Launching a new product?

We can mix, that’s OK! 

If your event have a fixed capacity we can Incorporat live footage, powerpoints and key quotes in video. It help you share the content of your conference or event even further.


I will help you to focus your video plan; what type of content and how to make it.

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