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Fashion & Backstage shooting

As i told on my about page i made dozens various tv programs. A half of them was about fashion. I love shoot and editing fashion videos. Photoshooting, fashion shows, models, make up, dresses - really excites me.

Video below for 'Isabel Garcia' – an Italian brand of designer clothing that stands out for its rich colors, unusual cuts and innovative approach to fabrics.

Freelance models more often book videos for their instagram. 

Because video is a more successful way to show yourself and attract new employers.

I shoot backstage video for independent photographers also.

For example - video below for professional photographer Natalia Kopelouzou Rizou 

I continue to look for modelling agencies, brands and photographers in Greece for fruitful cooperation and commercials for a good prices. 

The Consulate of C'Εte d'Ivoire organized a charity evening at the DIVANI CARAVEL hotel with the fashion creations of "NIKOS - TAKIS" and "DESMIRA BY MIRARAKI" under the artistic direction of ALICE DIKAIOU. The fragment is below (short cut for instagram).

If you’re planning a video shoot for your fashion show, brand or store I will be glad to be your videographer. Depending on the depth of the project, you should to hire a videographer (or a film team) that knows what it’s doing. As a professional filmmaker i have a examples here, an Instagram feed where you can get to see my works. Everyone has different styles but I can match your brand's style.

Next video is a kind of corporate video. 

"Elisavet Fashion School Athens" and the owner Elisavet Hatzopoulou.

At the end i want show a few simple videos for instagram. 

The first video  - modelling school in Athens. I made only editing from their raw material.

The other one - girl (freelance model) on the beach. 

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