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Athens Food Photographer

You will find dozens food photographers in Greece for your excellent dishes and drinks,

but I'm worthy of your attention too be sure. 

Yes, it's also a lot easier today, even a smartphone can make high-quality images.

But for comercial content - taking great photographs of food is a hard-earned skill— and we to get paid for it.

What separates magazine photos from instagram pics - It's an understanding of what it takes to compose an appealing image. 

For me a good food photo should evoke the food's best traits. The colors and textures should be celebrated, not hidden. 

Your budget = Getting creative. 

We can use some props. It make help us  bring your food`s pics styling to the next level. We Need choose the plate wisely. For example, square and rectangular plates are typically harder to shoot than round ones. If we put in frame napkins, utensils, or other accessories it is add dimension and personality. Shooting with a salad-size plate rather than a full-size dinner plate, food itself will look more prominent. Patterns or bright colors can to add some character to plain dishes, but its distract from the subject in this case.

So, as you see, professional cameras, lenses, lightening — not enough for the process. Knowledge and practice, composition, lighting, - thats standing between us and phone`s photographers. 

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