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April 12, 1961. 24 hours

In 2011, we did a great job. Reconstruction of all on April 12, 1961. This film is about 24 hours that changed the world. Hour after hour, step by step, we explored a turning point in history - the day when soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human being to travel into space. With the use of rare chronicles, eyewitness accounts, comments of historians. Of course is not an official trailer for the suspended dubbing. Just for fun. But this film is available (in two series) on YouTube and on torrents on Russian language!

The only statement attributed to Gagarin during his one hour and 48 minutes in space was, “Flight is proceeding normally; I am well.”

After this Gagarin became an instant worldwide celebrity and given the title of Hero of the USSR.

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