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Hellenic Youth in Action!

Its me! In right side this image! IM proud of myself!

It was crazy 2 days for us! From 8 a.m. to 23 p.m. we are galloping in Zappeion and around. A small team of 3 people, we have done a great job of making photos and videos from this event. We were called "diaspora media". Its a funny :) Of course there was also a central television and radio. But we must gave some material to them. And I did the final big video report on this event. Perhaps I got a great pleasure from the stress :)) You know for a creative person who has worked long time with news reports - it like a drug.

About 400 Greeks from all over the world attended this great conference.

They shouted, sang, discussed, danced and protested (hate when that happens)! :)

At first police gave permission to fly on a drone over Syngagma. But... then the military people appeared and said that they did not give permission. ?!?!?! But in a magical way they were able to agree among themselves and I could to shoot the last dance from the drone.

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