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Love story and pre-wedding video in Athens, Greece.

The people in charge of recording your awesome memories will play a big part in how your day unfolds and how you'll be able to remember it in the future.

I love working with couples whose first priority is each other and who are excited to enjoy their day together, so get to know us a little bit too!

Love story and pre-wedding video in Athens, Greece.

This is example of my completely unique style of prewedding film or Love story. Yes i make more meaningful films! By delving into your backstory, i help viewers get to know you a bit more personally. You’re original, shouldn’t your wedding film reflect that?

There is a freedom to traveling alone: you are in charge of your own decisions, rhythm, and being in charge of your own travel budget! Solo travel is growing in popularity, particularly among women travelers, and it’s getting easier. I will help you remember your vacation! Trendy clips will not leave indifferent your subscribers to your social media!

If u are interesting in wedding films in Athens check my post:

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