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Pattern Food & Product Photography in Athens.

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

This is special technics, its no 3D.

Pattern and texture are an often-overlooked part of the creative food photographer’s.

Just think of the texture of cake or coffee, patterns created by rice, pasta. Or others products like jewellery, souvenirs etc.


Greek coffee. Food Photography. Product Photography.  Loumidis foods
Greek coffee. Food Photography. Product Photography.

Patterns and textures are a part of our natural world and of course includes the food. They are almost unavoidable in foodphotography. This will create a very disciplined and almost mathematical effect. Patterns that are made up of lots of quite different objects, yet which take on a kind of uniformity when they are all viewed together.

Product Photography in Athens.

The relationship of the colours in every element of the photo creates a pattern and relationship between the elements. It brings them together, creating a kind of uniformity between them. Pattern doesn’t always have to mean repetition.

Jewellery photographer in athens. Jewellery photography Athens
Pattern Jewellery photography

Repetition is a great technique when you have lots of subjects that are similar, like kourabiedes. The more you repeat something in a photo, the more importance it gives to that element.

Kourabiedes. Food Photography athens. Greek Christmas Cookies
Kourabiedes. Food Photography: Shooting at Restaurants

Harmony can be great not for all shots and may easily slip into monotony, can get boring. I can play with the viewer’s expectations, grabbing their attention by breaking the monotony. This usually works best when the odd-item-out is strategically positioned in the frame using compositional techniques.

Pattern and texture photography can be a great way of adding extra interest and excitement to your foods.

Food photographer in Athens, Greece - Kay at work.

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