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Posidonia 2024 in Riviera Cost. Event videography in Greece.

Updated: Jun 24

So, Here you can see the overall video of Posidonia 2024 event in Riviera Cost, on the south of Athens for O`Events (local Planner).

In this report video, my task was to show several phases - how event planners prepared the venue for the event, the action on stage, the connection of people and the mass character. The video length was specified as 5 minutes and approved by the client. For three hours I tried to solve these tasks through camera movements, framing and color. I did not perform any additional large-scale color correction here.

Since the venue itself was illuminated with colorful lights after sunset, I tried to preserve this so as not to lose the charm of the atmosphere. I refused additional on-camera lights in favor of the existing light. And as I see now - it was the right decision.

As for the transitions between frames, I am not a fan of cheap sets consisting of glitches, sharp sun flares etc. I always use transitions only where they are needed, and I maintain all the dynamics by filling the frame with visual information.

Of course, I shoot such camera movements as down crane shots to the palm tree and other flyovers and camera rotations specially, and already at the shooting stage I understand where and what effect I will use.

I've been shooting & editing various events for a 25 years. My skills and experience make me ready for any situation. Read more on Event Videography page.

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Actually, editing videos from various events has always been my strong suit. I have clients in New York and Washington with whom I have been working exclusively on video editing for 8 years now. For example, RGI Event Agency. They organize local events across America, from L'Oreal Pride events to corporate conferences and 3-day retreats. They need a video no longer than one minute from each event. As you can understand, you need to have the experience and ability to cut off the unnecessary and highlight the main thing in order to fit a 3-day shoot into a 1-minute video.

In my social media I uploaded the short Psycho edit. Just for fun.

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