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Wedding in Santorini

Wedding in Greece, Santorini wedding
Wedding in greece

Summer its a great time!

Especially for our work!

Wedding videographer, Greece.
Wedding videographer, Greece.

This year, we started collaborating with several wedding planer agencies. Wedding in Greece is very popular!

For example, this couple from Canada ordered a wedding on the island Santorini (Thira).

We took this order with great enthusiasm. We are filmed two days!

The first day - we shot the "love story". And the 2nd day - a ceremony and a restaurant.

Our price was almost two times lower than that of the leading videographers on this island.  You must agree, this could not but rejoice the newlyweds.

Свадьба в Греции. Свадьба в Афинах.
Свадьба в греции!

The event was rich and cheerful!

Presenter of evening demonstrated high professionalism and the ability to work with different people!

It was a great job! Everyone was happy and satisfied.

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