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Stringer in Athens, Greece

I am an experienced stringer and videographer with over 20 years of experience in the television industry.

I have produced over 40 documentaries and have worked on a variety of projects, including news, current affairs and documentaries.

I am based in Athens, Greece, and I am available for freelance work.

I offer a variety of services:

  • Videography: I can shoot and edit video for a variety of purposes, including news stories, documentaries or corporate videos.Such as events or testimonials your local clients. I am shooting for YouTube channels, bloggers on islands in Greece, shooting videos of their travels and experiences.

  • You can hire me for shooting Broll for some topics, footages of Greece, or local shots for advertising some greek brands in your country.  

  • Interviewing: I am an experienced interviewer and I can conduct interviews with a variety of people, including experts, politicians, and celebrities.

I have a strong understanding of the Greek landscape and I am familiar with the latest trends and technologies. I am also a highly motivated and results-oriented individual as a real professional. 

Recent Projects

In Athens, I have shot interviews with a variety of speakers on political topics, including the Greek debt crisis,  the refugee crisis and war in Ukraine.

I have also covered protests against vaccinations and wildfires.

A part of my editorial footages you can find on my POND5 page. 

Stringer in Greece


I have a variety of equipment for shooting video, including a Panasonic S1 as a base camera (produce UHD resolution, 10 bit 422), a gimbal, sliders, lightening and

a radio lavalieres.

I also have access to a rental service for additional equipment.


If you are interested in hire me, please contact me via email.

Please send technical and creative assignments. As well as technical requirements for image quality.

Payment methods: bank account (National Bank of Greece), pay-pall, cash.

For shooting out of Athens prepayment required. 

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