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Food videography

Quality culinary videos  for bars and restaurants in Athens

Culinary video production, marketing and restaurants go together all time.

Photos are not interesting for people anymore. If you want to acquire more clients you have to give them something striking. A recent survey showed about half of Internet users look for a video before even going to a physical store and 80 percent believed a demonstration video helped them. And visuals are the first step to capturing the attention of the future consumer. This is where restaurant videography is crucial. Quality culinary videos gives you an edge over the competition. 

Watching videos has become an everyday occurrence within our technology-driven society. Most videos uploaded in the last couple of years are under two minutes long. The ideal length of a video varies, depending upon which platform it's for.

For example above and below are my short videos for famous in Athens Hams&Clams Bar.

Focus on driving local traffic to your restaurant first is a good idea. Residents become repeat patrons and are the backbone of your restaurant. BUT... you must expand into global markets and target travelers to your city via different travel websites or even through targeted advertising of people planning a vacation to your area.

Video for LCD screen in BuddhaBar. Chef cooking salad.

Next video is short cut from 2 videos for Greek company Vego. It is greek cuisine made of vegetable protein, 100% non-animal meat and with recipes that upgrade their taste to the absolute. Vegan Only Pizza with special recipes that highlight the wonderful taste of the much-loved Neapolitan Pizza.

Also i can offer "Pattern foodphotography". Check this post.

Each type of social network needs different types of video (various duration, format etc). What looks well on youtube or website does not work for Instagram. You can upload but the impression and results will not be the same.

Adding videos is another way of marketing your restaurant and bringing in new loyal fans who will visit your establishment for years. Have fun with your videos and show off the best your restaurant has to offer. Even a single, high-quality video that highlights what types of dishes you serve is an excellent marketing tool!

Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your business and catch past, present, and potential customers! I look forward to assisting you with creating an exceptional marketing video.


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