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Wedding highlights films in Athens!

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

You know, Greece is an oasis of beauty, love and harmony on Earth, which was praised in books of Ancient Hellas. Modern Greece is as uniquely sensual and inspired as it was many centuries ago.

I have a few offer for all couple and event planners for cinematic highlights clips!

It is a fact that as we age our memories will fade. We may remember a event but the details are lost. Wedding video can be viewed and relived at any time you wish.

When you choosing your wedding filmmaker you must to select the right person as this is a special day at which there is only one chance to get things right.

Santorini Weddings, Wedding in Greece
Weddings in Santorini

The cost wedding short film (~8min) is 500 Euro without fpa - in ATHENS.

For wedding on islands or other region, please contact with me with whatsapp, email, phone or social networks below. Usually, the price for islands wedding included cost for my work and transporting cost.

In this post i show you 2 wedding clips with pre wedding day! But i deleted private party.

Prewedding shooting (it is a 2-3 hours ) not included in base cost.

Video below was for couple from Canada. They ordered a wedding on the island Santorini.

We took this order with great enthusiasm. We are filmed two days!

The first day - we shot the "love story". And the 2nd day - a ceremony and a restaurant.

Weddings Santorini Greece
Weddings Santorini Greece

Your friends and family who were not able to visit the event itself be happy see a professionally shot and edited wedding highlights film.

Day will be saved from start to finish, so that you can share it with those most important to you.


Based in Athens, available throughout the Greece

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