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Web show "Lonesome Chef"

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Our cooking show aired on facebook and youtube. Unfortunately the NETFLIX has refused our project (it's a joke).

Tom Yam soup in web show
Bachelors on the kitchen. Cooking Tom Yam soup.

We scattered socks in the kitchen, grilled brassieres, beated the presenter (John),

fished in the aquarium on the spinning, and our buddy traveler & photographer

killed the Kung-Fu Panda. Its just for fun. Really.

web show with Killing the Kung Fu Panda
Killing the Kung Fu Panda

Moscow its a hard city. We need it.

With my friend - Blogger John we made the really fun internet show every monday.

How to tenderise chicken? Web show.
The cat in dangers... The Russian hockey player want to tenderise chicken

Our guest were journalists, organizers of bright events, singers, magicians, sports commentators, hunters etc. Everyone wanted to show us his simple dish for a bachelor.

it's me and my friend John.

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