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Our Journey with Natalia Rizou: A Story of Creativity, collab, and committed to our job!

Updated: Jul 2

I've known Natalia Rizou for almost 5 years. We first met at our home when she came to photograph our son. I helped her carry the stands, boxes of props and costumes, and backdrops from her car. Natalia was pregnant with her son (not her firstborn), who is a few months younger than mine )))) She loves children and treats them with great tenderness and professionalism. She has a lot of experience.

For a while we lost touch, but then she contacted me again to shoot behind-the-scenes footage that she was going to use to advertise herself and her services.

And away we went. A ton of new decor, ideas, shooting newborn babies, pregnant women, Christmas and just family photo shoots. By the way, my videos were willingly used by local TV channels in their reports about Natalia Rizou and her work.

I was pleased that she turned to me, because she has a large selection of videographers to work with. But Natalia said that no one makes short videos as clearly and concisely as I do ))) Sometimes her clients after my videos for her smoothly flowed over to me with orders for christenings or family celebrations.

Since then, Natalia has received more than one international award for her photographs and has changed several studios. The last one is on three floors. 4 halls with different concepts. Shelves crammed with props brought or ordered from other countries. And this is not some kind of junk bought in Lidl for 3 euros. She makes some of the decor herself!

Over 25 years of working with TV and various media, I have shot videos of hundreds of behind-the-scenes from famous photographers to shooting brands, but honestly, I have never seen such a studio for photographing newborns/pregnant women.

On the last shoot I asked her - where do you get so much strength and love for your husband, children and work that you love and continue to come up with concepts and implement them?!?!? - She replied - I just once decided that I want to live an interesting life!

mixed video from various photoshoot Natalia Kopelouzou Rizou 

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