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French Foreign Legion... and me!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

It was very interesting documentary shooting. Like everyone I filmed. We drove half of France: visited Castelnaudary, Orange (Vaucluse), Fort de Nogent-sur-Marne, Laudun-l'Ardoise, flew to the beautiful island - Corse. Theme of our documentary was the history of French foreign legion.

In this project i was the director, film editor and one of the cameraman's.

By the way, in my youth I was an hot fan of model Laetitia Caste. And on the island I found a part of her :))))) .

As you know, I do not like writing much, so I'll give you two trailers.

First is Amfibia training.

And the second one: training medical bro :)))

After this trip i seriously thought about the Renault brand. And as soon as i moved to Greece immediately bought a Renault! But not an armoured personnel carrier (like we do in Russia). I took the cabrio!

Armored personnel carrier 'Renault'
Armored personnel carrier (APC) 'Renault'

filming documentary movie. Videographer athens.
Night mission

Filmed on Calvi, Corse
Calvi, Corse

We traveled to The Vineyard Where Retired French Soldiers Make Wine!

French Foreign Legion's Provence vineyard
French Foreign Legion's Provence vineyard

Many countries’ veterans struggle to integrate back into civilian life, but the problem is especially acute for legionnaires. Having shed their nationalities and left friends and family behind, foreign-born soldiers often base their identities on the Legion itself. Retirement means losing home, community, and employment all at once. So while the IILE houses wounded veterans, the fields that fill with camo-wearing men picking grapes each harvest address the emotional and financial hardships that former legionnaires face. You can buy these wines in shop!

The Legion’s wine has military monikers, such as the General’s Reserve and Esprit de Corps. COURTESY OF THE FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION

Wines run from 4.50 to 10 euros, save for the hefty 25-euro General. The bottles are shipped worldwide to former and active legionnaires, and are sold at bases, the IILE boutique, and online.

Maybe i will add a few new trailers in future! Keep in touch?

A bit of little humor at the end. On the main photo in this post I seemed to myself very masculine. But one day a young russian lady in Facebook wrote to me: with such bristles u look like a beggar in the subway. Baaaad russians girls...

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