Video is a significant tool in the ''marketing tool box'' for internal and external communications. The video is increasingly being viewed on all devices and on multi-platforms, this consequently provides huge opportunity when marketing.  Shorter videos are being used for social. Now we have  technological changes: 4K resolution, slow-mo and drone. It needs to be relevant, creative and engaging.


I am available as filmmaker of multiple genres:

- commercials promo video for social media for a wide variety of clients

[restaurants, various stores, e-shop, cars, beauty industry, factories, show rooms etc.]

- Travel video for travel agency, bloggers etc.

Hospitality video & photo. Villas, Hotels, Guest houses in Greece. Welcome.

- Jewellery  macro video for social media, e-shop, exhibition of Jewlery 

- Documentaries


- Corporate films

- Budget music videos     

Wedding in Greece, wedding on Santorini (Highlights video) and family short film.

Φωτογράφιση και Βιντεοσκόπηση Ακινήτων, διαφημιστικά βίντεο, εταιρικού βίντεο, βιντεοσκόπηση Γάμου - Βάπτισης, βιντεοσκόπηση  κοσμημάτων.

I can make the whole project for you. With my trusted team of professionals that we collaborate with. We have a huge amount of gear available for your shoots for every budget.

Social media consists of an extensive range of products and services. It covers a wide selection of websites such as YouTube, Facebook, your websites, etc. Therefore it is important to know necessary rules and regulations in order for your video to attract your target audience.

There is a wide range of companies that require to have a video as a promotional demo material in order to succeed in business. Our clients are luxury concierge services, beauty salons, various factories, cafés and restaurants, hotels, villas, transfer company and many other business. Professional video is a face of a company.

In my "Blog&Projects" you will find more information about various video. 

Based in Athens, available throughout the Greece

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